My 2-Week Vacation Capsule + 5 Summer Outfits

As promised, I’m sharing my summer vacation capsule early for those of you who have summer trips planned and are looking for some inspiration! We will be visiting family for the first two weeks of July and are feeling very ready for our getaway. There will be a ton of boating, beach-going, and drinking wine on the deck and I cannot wait to be there!


We’ll be heading to the Cape Cod area in Massachusetts for the first part of our trip, then flying over to Nashville, TN for the second part. Both places are typically hot, humid and muggy this time of year, but it does cool down at night in New England near the water so that’s definitely a consideration.


Since weather can be unpredictable in Massachusetts especially, I do tend to pack some extra items in case it ends up raining or something. I wouldn’t say that this is a “minimalist” packing list, but more so just an honest peek into what I’m planning to pack in my bags for our trip. There is a definite patriotic theme of red, white and blue tones. To make packing and outfit planning simple, I use the free Cladwell app on my phone (you can read all about it here). Below I’m linking the items or something similar if what I have isn’t available anymore…

In addition to those core outfit items, I’m packing these extra essentials:


Here are a few outfit options I’ll be able to work with. Though I bet I’ll be in my swimsuit or loungewear the majority of the time, I like to have a lot of options to work with since you never really know what the day will be like when you’re on a family trip…

Hopefully this gives you some ideas for what to pack for your summer trips, or even just some inspiration for hot weather style! Summer can be such a tough season for getting dressed since layers are challenging in the heat, so I promise to keep sharing ideas with you to make it a little easier.

Do you have any summer trips planned? Are these packing lists/mini-capsules helpful?

P.S. See my IGTV styling video here or watch below:


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  1. 7.25.19
    Josilyn said:

    Natalie, I love your style and it is so inspirational!! I was looking into getting some of the outfits but none of the links work! 🙁

    • 7.30.19
      Natalie said:

      They’re all working on my end—was there something specific you were interested in? I can send another link to you to see if that works! Happy to help 🙂

  2. 6.10.19
    Dorota said:

    Love you ideas!