Legit Mom Style: How to Wear Overalls No. 3


Playful mamas, this one’s for you! This is a look I am surprised I love so much. I admittedly got this shirt a while back and have worn it probably once, but when searching for options to wear with these new overalls it was basically shouting at me from the hanger! The pattern adds a playful touch and reads as feminine, which balances the masculine loafers. I always have this diaper clutch in my car so I’m never without wipes and a couple of diapers, and I loved using it as a bare minimum bag here. It easily fits my keys and phone along with a travel wipes pack and a diaper. This is absolutely an outfit worthy of playing at the park with a toddler while also looking chic and put together.


Madewell overalls*, Who What Wear for Target tee (similar), Madewell loafers (similar), RAEN sunglasses via DITTO (get your first month free with code DITTONATALIE), Mitera Collection diaper clutch (c/o), Natalie Borton necklace

*Get $20 off when you buy them in your local store and donate a pair of old jeans!

Photos by Sydney Roach for Thoughts by Natalie


Legit Mom Style: How to Wear Overalls No. 2


This look is a little bit retro and has an airy, fresh feel to it. I think it’s perfect for a day date or a vacation, and if you switched out the shoes for flat sandals (like these!) this is an amazing legit mom style look that’s chic and totally appropriate for playing on the ground with your little ones. This top is actually an off-shoulder top—as seen here—that I wore over my shoulders for a flowy tee kind of look. The fuller silhouette of the top is a fun contrast to the slim fitting overalls and really draws attention to the waist.

See other ways to style overalls here, and stay tuned for several more ways soon!


Madewell overalls*, Madewell top (c/o, similar), Madewell sandals (c/o), Warby Parker sunglasses, Hobo bag (c/o), Natalie Borton necklace

*Get $20 off when you buy them in your local store and donate a pair of old jeans!

Photos by Sydney Roach for Thoughts by Natalie


Meet Sydney (My First Intern!)


^Sydney working the iPad register at her first Natalie Borton event

Today I’m so happy to finally introduce you to Sydney, my first intern! We first got connected for childcare reasons—she’s still Jack’s nanny!—and it’s been so fun to add another element to our relationship and now get to work side by side on projects during the week while Jack is sleeping. To give you all a chance to get to know her, we decided an interview style post would be fun. Read on to learn about the girl behind the scenes of Thoughts by Natalie and the Natalie Borton shop!

Where are you from? What brought you to San Diego?

I’m from Gilbert, Arizona. I decided to move to San Diego about a year ago because I saw more opportunity here and I wanted to challenge myself! I am working towards a design-based career. California is the home to a lot of companies that interest me. Luckily for me, I have family in California that blessed me with the opportunity to live with them. I also moved here because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone of Gilbert, AZ. I started completely over. I enrolled in a new school, got multiple new jobs, made new friends, and explored new surroundings. I’ve been here for a year and I am so happy with my decision. It’s definitely a place I’d love to end up living after I’m done with school.

You started off as our babysitter for Jack so I could work during the week—what made you interested in also being an intern?

I love Jack so much! After watching him for about 6 months, I got to know you and your family. I found out about your business through watching him. One day, I was thinking about how I need some real-world experience in design. I knew I would have to start out with a small business, since I’m only a Sophomore in college and I had never done an internship before. I immediately thought of you. You are a self-made entrepreneur and designer, and you run everything out of your home. Plus, we already became friends because of Jack! It was a perfect match. It was meant to be!

What are you studying in school?

I’m currently majoring in Graphic Design. My cousin, who I currently live with, is an Art Director at Nixon. That alone gave me motivation to move in with the fam and learn from him as I go through school. I go to community college right now here in San Diego, and next fall I’ll be attending Arizona State University to finish my degree.

^Chrissy and me with our amazing interns (Georgia and Sydney) at the Madewell event we co-hosted in December 

What types of intern projects excite you?

I love using my creative side whenever I can. One of my favorite things is when we go out and I can take photos of you. I love finding aesthetically pleasing places to go and show of Natalie Borton jewelry. Not to mention, seeing photos I take on your Instagram is pretty awesome. I also like to practice using Photoshop, so, it excites me when I’m asked to create graphics for the blog.

What kind of job do you see yourself doing once you’re done with school?

I want to be a Graphic Designer. My cousin has my dream job. At Nixon, he designs ads, coordinates photoshoots for the company, travels to amazing places, and works in a fun environment while doing so. That is everything I’d want to do. I would love to wake up every day and enjoy what I do.

What are some things you’ve learned since you started interning?

I’ve learned what happens on the “other side” when ordering online. From you, I’ve learned how to fulfill orders, make the product, and promote the business. You also taught me basically everything I know about Photoshop so far. Most importantly, you’ve shown me you can be a successful business owner while also being a mom.

^I don’t know what I’d do without her!

How would you describe your personal style?

My dream closet would definitely be more Boho Chic. I’m obsessed with a good shoe paired with high-waisted jeans and a denim jacket. I like simple styles and neutral colors.

And lastly, what’s your favorite piece of Natalie Borton jewelry?

The Paige Necklace (which I’m wearing in these photos!). I like the metal chain and the neutral color scheme. The white, brown, and black together are so pretty and for sure my style.

All photos are from the Madewell x Natalie Borton pop-up shop we co-hosted with Chrissy Powers! See more of the event here.


Wide Leg Trousers


I’m definitely late to this trend, but after seeing my friend Shawna style hers expertly I knew I at least needed to try a pair of wide leg trousers to see if they were as magical as everyone says they are.

I feared that this silhouette was really only for tall, straight-shaped gals and feared it would make me look shorter and wider so I honestly have just avoided wide leg pants completely. But I really couldn’t have been more wrong! More evidence here.

So when these trousers went on major sale and I figured I had nothing to lose. Worst case scenario? I hate them and return them. So after several texts with Shawna about the general fit and length of the pants I selected my size online and hit “checkout.”

I was so excited when they arrived that I tried them on immediately…and Brian thought they were super weird. (Do your husbands do that to you, too? Whenever you try something more fashion-y? Guys are so funny.) Anyway, I doubted myself a bit since he generally has a good eye but after mulling it over for a week or two and trying them on several more times with different tops and shoes I decided that yes they were a little weird, but in a good way. I take basically no fashion risks lately and I felt like I needed to add something bold to my usual skinny jeans rotation. So I kept them and today is the first day I wore them!

I know from trial and error that my favorite tops with these pants are either cropped, knotted or super fitted to balance the proportions. This scoop-back tee fit the bill and I warmed up the otherwise cool-toned look with some browns—my Tabitha Necklace, trusty crossbody and faux suede ankle boots for height.


Madewell tee, Madewell trousers, Madewell bag, Natalie Borton necklace (similar / shop all current pieces here), Sole Society boots (similar)


Downtown Field Jacket


I bought this jacket at J.Crew several years ago and had honestly forgotten about it until I recently reorganized my closet. In recent years I’ve favored my mossy green fleet jacket from Madewell over this one, but sometimes that look is just too casual. The fabric and the buttons on the field jacket are dressier, plus that deep green hue is such a gorgeous contrast against the gold. Although the jacket was technically the final touch on this outfit, it’s really the star—don’t you think?

J.Crew jacket, Madewell sleeveless sweater, Madewell jeans (similar), Madewell x Sezane boots (similar), Hobo bag (c/o), RAEN sunglasses via DITTO (get your first month free with the code DITTONATALIE), Natalie Borton necklace