Introducing NB Basics


One thing I really have enjoyed about my business has been creating more unique, limited edition pieces for you to cherish and wear over and over again (knowing not everyone is wearing them!). That being said, there have been a few super minimalist pieces I’ve done in the past that I have always wanted to bring back into the shop. I’ve been trying to reconcile these mixed feelings—my love for limited edition runs and the desire for a few consistent pieces—for a while and finally settled on a solution I’m going to try: NB Basics Read More


The Jenna Necklace + Tank Dress


The Jenna Necklace first hit the shop on October 8, 2015 (one week after my shop opened!) and it’s stayed in my regular necklace rotation consistently ever since. It was an instant hit during those early days of my new business, and it was one of the few pieces at the beginning that actually got restocked once despite being limited edition. It even got styled by Taylor Sterling on Glitter Guide! Needless to say, there are a lot of reasons I’m including it in the NB Basics Collection. Read More


The Addison Necklace + Floral Kimono


After posting this photo on Instagram, I got so many messages about floral kimonos that I knew I wanted to do a post dedicated to some great ones I’ve found. Today’s post features that, plus some peeks at the Addison Necklace, which is a piece I’ve sold out of previously but will become available again in the shop as part of the NB Basics Collection later this week. Yep, that’s right—later this week!! Read More