Cheers: The Nat + Jac Bubbles Box for We Drink Bubbles

When our friend Shiloh from We Drink Bubbles suggested the idea of Jaclyn and I curating one of her subscription boxes this summer, we instantly said, “YES!” We not only love supporting her as a friend, but also regularly consume her products since we get the monthly shipments.

To curate the box, of course we needed to taste the wine, and that’s exactly what we did on the Thursday before Memorial Day (which also happened to be Jaclyn’s birthday!). Even as a regular champagne drinker, there was so much I didn’t know about it until Shiloh shared her wisdom with us, and we recorded the whole thing for those of you interested in learning more about champagne, as well as seeing our selection process. Here are just three new things I learned after our tasting with Shiloh:

  1. The best type of glassware to enjoy bubbles from
  2. Foods that pair well (including one that I never expected)
  3. The difference between Cava, Prosecco and Champagne

You can find the entire video on my IGTV channel, and also embedded below for you! The Nat + Jac Box is now available and is being offered at a special price of $85 (normally $100). It includes 3 boutique champagne and sparkling wines that will all pair well with summer foods. You can purchase it as a one-time box, or sign up for a subscription with this box being the first of your shipments. Either way, we hope you enjoy the wines we selected for you!

P.S. It goes without saying that this box can only be shipped to you if you’re 21 and up (though I doubt anyone under 21 reads this blog!). Before ordering, be sure to confirm that We Drink Bubbles ships to your state. Please always drink responsibly, friends!


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