I am a believer in owning your personal style, saying what you mean, asking for what you want, living authentically and the power of simplicity — in fashion, and in life.

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One of the topics I endlessly get questions about is skincare—namely, what are the products I rely on to keep my skin fresh and glowy looking. Today I’m sharing all about my skin situation, plus letting you in on my current go-to products.


I feel the need to start this post off by telling you more about my skin. Because everyone’s skin is different, and if you’re going to try these products it’ll probably be helpful to know the kind of skin I have in order to know if they might also work out well for you. Since I was little, I’ve always had extremely dry skin. I can remember my mom trying to get me to put lotion on my scaly legs when I was in elementary school and I would refuse because it would make them feel even itchier! Fast forward to my teen years and I ended up being diagnosed with eczema, which explains a lot of my dryness issues.

That being said, other than during my first pregnancy I haven’t had issues with acne or blemishes, but rather my skincare struggle is always trying to retain moisture and not feel itchy or dry. Honestly when you say my skin looks dewy or hydrated it makes me do a little dance in my head because it’s taken a lot of work to get my skin to behave! Additionally, I should note that my mother has incredible skin and I definitely inherited some of that from her. While I envy that hers is more oily than mine, my skin tone is 100% from her side of the family and it definitely is a factor in skin appearance. I just want to put that out there because genetics do play a role here.

Okay, moving on to the products…


Beautycounter Countermatch Pure Calm Cleansing Milk // For years I’ve been a loyal user of this micellar water, but ever since my eyelid eczema flared up again I’ve been relying on this cleansing milk to take makeup off any night and keep my skin feeling super hydrated (lids included!). It’s an ultra-gentle cleanser free of surfactants that can strip away natural oils. Its conditioning formula replenishes hydration so skin feels soft and nourished versus dry or tight. I just use 3-4 pumps and massage it all over my face, and then rinse with water. This is always the first step in my nighttime skin routine.

Beautycounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel // I’m sure a lot of you know about this product by now because I feel like everyone is using it! It’s quite the miracle product and I’m so happy with it. It’s a leave-on AHA/BHA peel that improves skin texture and minimizes the appearance of pores, fine lines, and dark spots. I personally use it almost every night as the second part of my skincare routine. It tingles a tiny bit upon application (which I love, haha), and I usually brush my teeth or catch up on Instagram for a few minutes while I let it fully sink in.

Skin Gym Crystal Facial Roller // Admittedly, I have no idea what I’m doing with my skin roller. But I do feel like my skin looks less puffy in the morning when I use it, so I consider that to be worthwhile results! It’s supposed to maintain healthy blood circulation and skin tone and help to boost natural collagen. It also can possibly reduce puffiness and wrinkles, help improve skin elasticity, promote lymphatic drainage, help reduce undereye dark circles and eliminate toxins and tighten pores. Who knows if any of that is true, but I will say I like how it feels and it helps me relax before bed, so I like to use it! I usually use mine after I apply the resurfacing peel.

Lola Jane Naturals Facial Serum // This is something new I’ve been using since my eczema flared up a few months ago, and it has helped so much! It’s made with jojoba oil, sea buckthorn seed oil, rosehip seed oil, and Young Living essential oils (Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender and Geranium). It smells lovely and feels so luxurious on my dry skin. This is usually the final step of my nighttime skincare routine. (Full disclosure: I was sent this product by the owner as a gift a while back. I’m officially a fan now!)

Fresh Vitamin Nectar Antioxidant Glow Water // Possibly unnecessary? Yes. A delightful way to start my day? Certainly. The first thing I do when I wake up and walk over to my bathroom sink is spray this on my face. I feel like it really refreshes my skin after sleeping and also helps me feel more awake. It also helps dampen my skin a bit before I start my morning skincare routine.

Glossier Super Glow Serum // I’ve loved this Vitamin C serum for a long time and it still has a prominent place in my routine! Over time, it evens out skin tone and creates a light-reflective complexion. It has a watery texture absorbs easily. I use it all over my face after misting it with the Glow Water, and I let it absorb for a minute before putting on moisturizer.

Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream // The texture of this is amazing and it feels so good on my skin! It lifts, firms, retexturizes and moisturizes skin, as well as helps plump skin and increase skin’s density. It feels very hydrating and isn’t greasy. I use this after letting my  serum soak in as the third part of my morning skin routine.

*Beautycounter Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream // I’ve never really been one for eye cream, but now that I’m in my 30’s it seems like the right thing to do. Since moisture is a big issue for me, I love this one from the Countermatch line because it’s very hydrating. The squalane in it hydrates skin, and the betaine and phytic acid boost oxygenation to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and shadows for brighter-looking eyes. I use it in the morning after applying my moisturizer, lightly patting it under my eyes and also on that spot in between the brows where wrinkles tend to appear over time. I figure it can’t hurt!

Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30+ // I think everyone should use sunscreen on their face, but as someone who lives in San Diego it’s especially important to me! We spend a lot of time outside and I like to keep my skin protected. While I’ve been using Supergoop products for years, this specific formula is new to me. I got it for Christmas and am totally hooked! It goes on really smoothly and absorbs easily. It has antioxidants E and B5 to optimize skin health and promote nutrient absorption and cell renewal. And HYDROVOTIN 24 stimulates the skin’s natural moisturizing factor. I usually apply this later in the morning right when I’m about to put my makeup on.

Beautycounter Instant Glow Illuminating Cream // This is a lightweight, pearlescent lotion that boosts that glow factor I’m always going for—it makes skin look so vibrant and healthy! This cream only comes as part of a set, but it’s worth it because it comes with the magical Overnight Resurfacing Peel! This is the last step in my morning skincare routine, applied right after I let my sunscreen absorb and before I apply any makeup.

One thing I’d like to mention is that I am not a Beautycounter consultant (and I don’t want to be one). My consultant is my bestie Annie and I know she’d be happy to answer any BC questions you have if you don’t have a consultant yet.

*Not shown in the photo

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  3. Jenn says:

    Have you ever used a Clarisonic? Just curious your thoughts on it. I was considering buying one.

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