My 3 Style Goals for 2018

With each new year, I like to set goals for my wardrobe that help me explore some new looks and challenge my creativity a bit. This is what I’m aiming for this year:


In the pursuit of minimalism, I’ve wound up with a very masculine wardrobe! While my style does skew towards the masculine (largely because it’s just so practical for motherhood!), I’m craving more balance. I love to wear jeans so adding more feminine tops to my wardrobe is a natural way to do that. The top shown above is my most recent purchase and it’s not only pretty but also nursing-friendly!


I don’t think I’ll ever betray my high rise skinny jeans, BUT, I do want to experiment a bit more with some different denim this year. I’ve already started that by purchasing the demi boot jeans that everyone thinks are weird (ha!), and I also want to wear more denim overalls, white denim and even more relaxed cuts of jeans. It’s an exciting new challenge!


Since I have a little baby, I really don’t wear necklaces much these days. And while I love my classic stud earrings, I’d like to step out of my comfort zone and wear some more bold earrings regularly. The first step to that, of course, is designing and making them! I plan to bring back more varieties of my simple Bridget Tassel Earrings to the shop as well as some more hoops, tiered tassel earrings and even some new hammered 14K gold studs.

What are your style goals this year?

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  1. 2.18.18
    Kara said:

    My style goal for the year is only to add items to my wardrobe that fit MY style. Not everyone else’s.

    • 4.4.18
      Natalie said:

      Yes!! So important! I’m definitely learning to do that, too.