I am a believer in owning your personal style, saying what you mean, asking for what you want, living authentically and the power of simplicity — in fashion, and in life.

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10 Rules for Effortless, Everyday Style

In this series, I share some simple tips for leveling up your daily looks.

One thing you may notice about my style posts is that I wear the same things over and over again. In fact, a lot of people have asked me to share my capsule wardrobe, but I don’t actually have one. I just keep my wardrobe tightly edited and only have things in there that I really do love to wear!

That being said, I’ve done some thinking recently as I get dressed in the morning, trying to identify those pieces that are just so easy to reach for and get remixed day after day, week after week now that spring is in full swing and summer is right around the corner. Though I obviously am not limiting myself to just these items, today I’m sharing my favorite, go-to pieces for the warmer weather during these seasons in San Diego.

This is a no-brainer for any season. It’s versatile and neutral. Tie it around your waist or wear it when it cools down at night. Don’t have one? A chambray shirt works, too!

Much like the denim jacket, this is a year-round essential in my book. Though technically green, it definitely acts as a neutral. I have an old version of this jacket, which is a bit lighter than the current one.

For chilly nights or for travel, a cardigan goes a long way in expanding your wardrobe. Wear it with jeans, shorts, a dress, a romper…anything goes! Though it’ll probably be a bit warm for summer, I’ve been wearing this one a lot lately (it’s definitely a great pick for chilly flights—so soft and cozy!).

This might not go on everyone else’s list, but for me, there is nothing more casual-cool than a perfectly comfy (and perfect fitting) sweatshirt with denim shorts or skinny jeans and some chic shoes. I wear mine at least once a week, if not more. My favorite one is from emoi emoi, but the one shown from Mulberry Press Co is a near second. I love the positive message!

The beauty of white is two-fold: it is a neutral, and therefore you can wear it over and over and over again during the week without anyone realizing; also, you can bleach it to keep it bright and white. Win-win. I especially love how white looks against sun-kissed summer skin. Some favorites include this one and this one.

These particular black ones from Madewell are a dream. The high-waisted cut is super flattering, and they are just so comfy, too. I love how easily they can be dressed up, too—I actually wore these on Easter!

As the weather heats up, denim cutoffs start to replace my skinny jeans as my go-to bottoms of choice. My current favorites are more of a boyfriend fit for ultimate comfort.

Ultra-comfortable and adds a bit of pattern to an otherwise neutral collection of clothes. This is the one I’m wearing lately.

I love how a romper can be as casual or as dressy as you want it to be. Wear it with the lace-up gladiators for a laid-back feel, or throw on the cage sandals for a date night look. I feel like these are everywhere lately, and the fit you’re looking for 100% depends on your body type. I found this one at Target and love it!

My favorite one is a swing dress from Old Navy that I got right after Jack was born and am definitely wearing it more and more lately. Just like the romper, it can be as casual or as dressy as you want, and it pairs perfectly with a straw hat! Another great option is this one from Sonnet James—I definitely pre-ordered it for myself!

A summertime essential, no matter where you live. I love big, black shades to keep out the sun since I have really sensitive eyes. My current favorites are from Warby Parker and are sold out, but these ones (also from WP) are so, so good and have the same gold detailing.

Whether to hide a bad hair day or to protect my face from intense sun, I have totally fallen in love with wide brim hats. I especially love straw ones for summer time—this one is my favorite and is currently on sale!

Though the temperatures are rising and I don’t wear them quite as often, I do always have a pair of skinnies in my rotation. This is the pair I wear almost every day!

The ones shown are the exact earrings I wear every single day. They’re minimalist and matte gold (two of my favorite things), but the unique shape gives them something interesting that I love. Until I start making earrings for my shop, you will always see these on my ears.

These lace-up ones from Old Navy were a total steal. And—bonus—they are actually comfortable. It’s amazing how much more put-together they make an outfit look than basic flip flops.

One thing is for sure: I no longer wear shoes that are not comfortable. Cage sandals with a good block heel are definitely suitable for motherhood (I just take them off when I’m at the park!), and also work for dressier occasions. I like wearing mine with my denim shorts, even, since mine are looser (tight little jeans shorts and heels is not my look). I mostly wear flats, but sometimes a mama needs to feel a little fancy. I found mine at Target a while back, and these are super similar.

The list wouldn’t be complete without including a piece of my jewelry in here!! I love, love, love tassels for summer and definitely have several I’m adding to the shop over the coming weeks. They have such a great boho vibe to them that works really well with my otherwise neutral, casual attire. Not into tassels? Pendant necklaces of any kind really do the trick. This one is a really fun option, or if you’re really looking to be minimal this gold one goes with everything.

Legit Mom Style: Spring & Summer Mini Capsule

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I am a believer in owning your personal style, saying what you mean, asking for what you want, living authentically and the power of simplicity — in fashion, and in life.

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