Cozy Gray Knits

As a Jenni Kayne ambassador, I receive products to test out each month and I share the ones I love with you! I also get a discount code to share, and that code is Natalie15 for 15% off. It’s valid in store and online.

I’ve got two new Jenni Kayne sweaters to share with you today — both casual enough for at home lounging, but nice enough to wear in public. Honestly, pretty ideal for these times we live in where we are constantly at home but don’t want to live in our pajamas.

First up is the new Cable Cocoon Cardigan. I love the detail on this one. This one is made of alpaca, wool and nylon and is much thicker than the cashmere cocoon cardigans. This chunky knit feels like a more winter-specific sweater to me and pairs really well with skinny jeans or leggings.

The second sweater is my favorite of the two — The Cashmere Fisherman Hoodie. It’s boxy and airy and really soft (hello, cashmere!). Honestly, I imagine wearing this at home on the weekends with joggers for a casual, comfortable outfit that’s extremely lounge-worthy. I also love it with white skinny jeans (shown above) and mules for a laid back everyday outfit.

Do you have any Jenni Kayne pieces in your wardrobe yet? What new items from Jenni Kayne do you have your eye on?

P.S. My code is valid on Jenni Kayne home goods, too. I highly recommend their candles if you haven’t tried them yet. Cedar and Ash are beautiful winter scents.

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  1. 2.6.21
    Colette said:

    I absolutely love my Jenni Kayne cashmere cocoon cardigans! The new knit cardigan is lovely! Any chance you will be doing a Clare V trunk show soon?

  2. 2.5.21
    Megan said:

    Currently eyeing another cashmere fisherman sweater! So glad you introduced me to Jenni Kayne — so impressed with the quality. Now I’m just patiently waiting for the snow to melt so I can break out my new cheetah mules!

    • 2.5.21
      Natalie said:

      Yesssss. I love my Jenni Kayne sweaters!! So glad you’re loving yours too.

  3. 2.5.21
    Lindsay said:

    Hi Natalie! I am curious about sizing on the cashmere hoodie. Would you suggest purchasing the same size as the regular cashmere fisherman? My sizes seem to vary in Jenni Kayne, so I am having a hard time deciding which size to order. Thank you for your help!

  4. 2.4.21

    Gray looks lovely on you! Cozy sweaters are my favorite thing to wear in the winter. I’ve been loving your blog posts! I have to say, the thing I miss the most from your daily IG stories is when sweet Hank would join you when you would show us your outfit. I hope he’s doing well!

    • 2.4.21
      Natalie said:

      Thank you!! Yes, I need to get Hank back in my videos — he’s usually sleeping on his dog bed right outside my room when I film the text videos, haha

  5. 2.4.21
    Alisa said:

    Beautiful sweaters! Have you seen anything similar to the hoodie in cotton?

    • 2.4.21
      Natalie said:

      Not currently, but hopefully they’ll do something like that for spring/summer!

  6. 2.3.21
    Eve said:

    Hi! Will you notify on IG when something new hits the blog.?

    • 2.3.21
      Natalie said:

      Good idea — maybe I’ll start doing that! Or at the very least a weekly reminder.

  7. 2.3.21
    Brittany G said:

    Hi Natalie! Love seeing more blog content also! Do you find the new cocoon sweater from Jenni Kayne runs true to the other cocoon sweaters’ sizing? Thanks!!

    • 2.3.21
      Natalie said:

      Yes, it runs big like the other cocoon sweaters do! I got the same size in this one as I have in the cashmere ones.

      • 2.6.21
        Melissa Gambatese said:

        Love this post!! I have a few JK pieces now, because of your recommendations! I have the cashmere hoodie in oatmeal- SO soft! I also got the sweatshirt in the canyon color. Never thought I’d laid that much for a sweatshirt but is seriously the nicest sweatshirt ever 😂 oh and I also got the cheetah mules🙌

        I want to say that for anyone who is very sensitive to wool like me, I’ve had no problem with the cashmere hoodie!

      • 2.8.21
        Alissa said:

        Would you say to size down in the cable cocoon cardigan? I wear a small in the cotton fisherman and its perfect.

        • 2.8.21
          Natalie said:

          Definitely! The cocoon cardigans run oversized for sure.

  8. 2.3.21
    Chelsea said:

    I’m so happy you introduced me to Jenni Kayne! I am in love! I now have three sweaters – everyday, cashmere fisherman, and cabin sweater! I also have the cheetah mules!!! Definitely investment pieces, but I’m trying to buy less pieces, but better quality!

    • 2.3.21
      Natalie said:

      So, so happy that you’re loving your JK pieces!! Those are excellent choices. Their cheetah mules are my all-time favorite thing from the brand. I wear them more than any other shoes I have! Fully support your mission to buy less, but better.

  9. 2.3.21
    Katie said:

    I am so happy you are using your blog more! I’ve been slowly weaning myself off Instagram for the past 2 months and have thought during this process that I wish you used your blog more because I knew I would miss seeing your content when I fully left Instagram. So this makes me so happy 🙂

    • 2.3.21
      Natalie said:

      Yay! Thank you so much for being here. Definitely enjoying the slower pace of the blog vs. the Instagram insanity.

  10. 2.3.21
    Laura said:

    I want to make my first Jenni Kayne purchase! What would you suggest as a first sweater purchase? I live in central Texas, so I don’t really have a need for anything too heavy or with wool. Thank you!

    • 2.3.21
      Chelsea said:

      I would go with the everyday sweater. It’s much lighter than most of the other sweaters and and tucks in perfectly with high waisted jeans or jean shorts!

      • 2.3.21
        Natalie said:

        Oh yes, that one is good!! I need to bust mine out again soon.

    • 2.3.21
      Natalie said:

      Ohhh, probably the cotton fisherman sweater!