I am a believer in owning your personal style, saying what you mean, asking for what you want, living authentically and the power of simplicity — in fashion, and in life.

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10 Rules for Effortless, Everyday Style

In this series, I share some simple tips for leveling up your daily looks.

My love for jumpsuits runs deep and today I want to show you that they aren’t just for these warm summer months! While they do pose a bit of a problem when you need to use the restroom, they are otherwise flattering and comfortable and definitely one of my essential #legitmomstyle wardrobe items.

(If you’re into videos, you can skip this post and go straight to the IGTV video I filmed sharing these looks!)

Jumpsuit (size down) / Cardigan (size down) / Similar hat / Mules (size up 1/2 size) / Necklace

This polka dot jumpsuit was such a great find this summer and I’m happy that I will be able to continue wearing it as the weather cools down! Sizing-wise, I recommend sizing down if you’re in doubt. The fit is somewhat loose and has an elastic waist. Worth noting: there is an opening at the top in the back, but it’s very discreet. I recommend wearing a black bralette or bra.

Jumpsuit (size down) / Similar vestMules (size up 1/2 size) / Necklace

If you live in a warm climate like me, this type of vest is so good for fall transition. It feels and looks like fall without getting you all sweaty.

Jumpsuit (size down) / Leather jacket (size up) / Similar mules / Necklace

I finally made the investment in a real leather jacket earlier this year and I am so happy I did. It adds a perfect amount of edge to more feminine pieces like this—if you didn’t know already, I am not into overly girly looks and always like to balance out the feminine with the masculine. Just trying to be an effortlessly cool French girl over here!

Jumpsuit (size down) / Sweater blazer (size down) / Similar mules / Necklace

These sweater blazers are the gifts that keep on giving. They seem to look good with everything! I recommend sizing down—I’m wearing the XS and it still feels roomy.

Jumpsuit (TTS) / Cardigan / Mule booties (size up 1/2 size) / BandanaNecklace

Switched up jumpsuits on you! This one has a wide leg bottom like the Old Navy jumpsuit, but the top is a short-sleeve v-neck, and it has a pretty open back with a tie at the top. It fits TTS, and has a slim fit without being tight or overly fitted if that makes sense.

Also, I think this is the coziest cardigan ever made!! This golden yellow one is so dreamy. If yellow isn’t your jam, you should know that it also comes in creamy white, plum and dark grey. Sizing is generous—I’m wearing the XS/S here.

Jumpsuit (TTS) / Cardigan (size down) / Similar hat / Similar loafers (or a mule version) / Necklace

These loafers are very old (from 2013!), but I found two similar cheetah print options for you if you’re into the look. You also could do a leopard print shoe here.

Jumpsuit (size down) / Shirt (TTS) /  Mule booties (size up 1/2 size) / Necklace

Another jumpsuit switch! This one is super soft and has stretch and is nursing friendly, and I really like that it has a defined waist. I recommend sizing down if you’re in doubt. This is a look that would work in a professional environment as well as for mom life!

Jumpsuit (size down) / Sweater (TTS) /  Mule booties (size up 1/2 size) 

This look is a little funky, but I’m surprisingly into it. I’m not usually one for wide leg pants, but this really seems to be working and who am I to deny myself a really great (and comfortable) outfit? I simply layered the pullover sweater over the olive jumpsuit and tucked a bit of the sweater into the belt part to maintain a waistline. The sweater fits TTS.

Jumpsuit (size down)  / Cardigan / Similar hat / Mules (size up 1/2 size) / Necklace

If you would’ve told me a year ago that my dream color palette would be olive green, golden yellow and brown I wouldn’t have believed you! But now that I’m owning my natural hair color, these tones just work so much better for me. And they are perfect for fall!

Jumpsuit (size down) / Sweater blazer (size down) / Mules (size up 1/2 size) / BandanaNecklace

Last look! (Though I feel like I could go on, and on, and on!) I added in the grey to balance out the warm olive, yellow and brown hues and give it a modern feel. 

I hope this gives you a lot of inspiration for styling your jumpsuits for cooler temperatures. Which look is your favorite?!

How to Style Jumpsuits for Fall

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I am a believer in owning your personal style, saying what you mean, asking for what you want, living authentically and the power of simplicity — in fashion, and in life.

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