How I Fake Great Brows

Over the past several years, getting positive comments about my eyebrows has become a common thing that never ceases to surprise me. The reality is, I don’t have very full brows naturally, but I’ve figured out how to fake it. From the first time I filled in my brows 5 or so years ago, it was obvious that brow shape and fullness really make an impact on the shape and structure of my face. So much so, I find I don’t really want or need to use much makeup when I do my brows and I end up with a more natural yet put together look that I really like.

There are so many brow products on the market, and I’ve definitely tried several of them! I’ve done the pencils and the powders and the brow gels, and I even got my eyebrows microbladed years ago when I got fed up with filling them in every morning.

After years of experimenting (and now that my microblading has faded), I finally have landed on the two types of products that work best for me: a feathering pen, and tinted brow gel. And of all of the options out there, my favorites are both from Glossier: Brow Flick and Boy Brow. I wear brown in both (and they’re available for less, plus free shipping, when you order them as a duo).

You can get a peek at how I apply the products on my IGTV video here.

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  1. 3.8.20
    Adrienne said:

    Is there a color on your lips here?

  2. 12.28.19
    Franziska said:

    your eyebrows look so natural. really good trick.
    Love it very much

    franzi powder brows