How I Do My Top Knot (Video Links)

I am beyond baffled at how many requests I got for a “top knot tutorial” the past two weeks when I decided that I didn’t have time to wash my hair, haha. But really, I’m so flattered and the requests boosted my confidence in wearing my hair up more often.

Quick story for you: I have this weird insecurity about my hair and my femininity. When in middle school, I had really short hair. I honestly LOVED it, but as an underdeveloped young girl, I didn’t exactly look like, well, a girl. I was mistaken for a boy so many times, and legitimately played Huck Finn in the school play because I looked like him. Trust me, I’m a terrible actress. Anyway, those few incidents really stuck with me and since then I’ve been someone who connects my femininity with having long hair, and thus I wear my hair down almost every day. But I’m trying to let that go and embrace the top knot more because it’s definitely easier!

Anyway, these are the links you need, plus a direct link to the video where I quickly show my very unprofessional hair technique.




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