Hoop, there it is!

Pleeeeease tell me you get that reference?! If so, we are definitely friends!! I have a lot of hoop designs coming out in the coming weeks and wanted to be sure to show them off to you and share the pricing details so you can start plotting which ones you are going to order. 

(Here’s a quick link to vote on which hoops I release first!)

Sydney Hoop Earrings (Textural Mix), $65

The smaller white beads are made of recycled Ghanaian glass by a process unique to Africa that has been used for over 1000 years. The creamy, off-white beads are handmade in Kenya, Africa from ostrich egg shell. The uniqueness of the beads and the mixed textures is what really sets these hoops apart.

Emma Hoop Earrings, $40

It’s hard to tell here in the photo, but these ones are smaller than the rest of the hoops and only 1″ in diameter. They’re a delicate, minimalist, everyday hoop earring.

Sydney Hoop Earrings (White Wood), $60

These were the first hoops I ever came out with, and I’m bringing them back again! This time, they are a little smaller in diameter. The original hoops were 2.5″ across, but after getting a lot of feedback from you guys I scaled them down a bit and now all of the Sydney Hoop Earrings are 2″ across.

Sydney Hoop Earrings (Ebony Wood), $60

These are the same as the above hoops, just with black wood beads instead of white. Very lightweight!

Sydney Hoop Earrings (Brass Capped Pearl), $75

These are my personal favorites! You’ll see that these ones are priced higher than the rest of the hoops, and that’s due to the quality and uniqueness of the beads. The pearls are from Nepal and capped with brass by hand. The contrast of the natural pearls with the texture of the brass caps makes these especially unique and conversation-worthy.

Sydney Hoop Earring (Brass Hexagon), $60

Simple and tonal, I love how these hoops easily could go from day to night. The hexagon bead shape is so fun, too.

Sydney Hoop Earrings (Brass Square), $60

These are the same as the hexagon hoops, except obviously with squares. There’s something about geometric shapes that really gets me. They feel simple yet interesting.

I make all of the hoops by hand in my San Diego studio with 14K gold-filled wire. They are all incredibly lightweight, but if you are especially worried about having the lightest hoops ever, I would suggest the Emma Hoop Earrings and the Sydney Hoop Earrings with the wood beads—those three will weigh the least for sure.

So now I must know…which ones are you hoping to get?! Leave a comment and let me know—and don’t forget to vote here, too!

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  1. 8.19.18
    Natalie M said:

    I want them all! But I’m especially eyeing the brass hexagon and white wood hoops.