Coffee Talk with Nat + Jac | Episode 4 (Body Image + Body Positivity)

In our most recent episode of Coffee Talk with Nat and Jac, we’re talking about body image, body positivity, why we are anti-diet, and more. We share our experiences, the root of where our issues began and how we have worked (and continue to work) to overcome them.

**DISCLAIMER** We are sharing our personal experience and what has works for us to get to a positive place. We are NOT doctors, dietitians, health coaches or anything of the sort. Just wanna to make that crystal clear! (Jac went to law school for a minute so that’s the lawyer in her coming out!)

We hope you enjoy (our longest ever) Coffee Talk! As mentioned in the video, here are a few Instagram accounts related to these topics you might enjoy:

@bostanley / @ownitbabe / @jennakutcher
@alexmichaelmay  / @chr1styharrison / @hgoodrichrd
@the12ishstyle / @mommyinheels / @ditch_the_diet

Also, if you are trying to break free of dieting, I highly recommend checking out this book.

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Feel free to leave a comment below with additional questions—this is obviously a topic I LOVE to talk about!

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