Podcast Interview: The Balanced Life Podcast

I’ve been a fan of Robin Long‘s Pilates classes and admired her as a business person for years, so when she invited me to be a guest on her show, I jumped at the chance! In episode 11 of The Balanced Life Podcast, we discuss how I balance all of the different aspects of life — work, marriage, motherhood, etc — and how I’ve created a sense of self-awareness to guide me through all of the chaos. Here are some of the show highlights we cover:

  • What a typical day in the life looks like as a mom and jewelry designer 
  • How launching a business impacted my life 
  • How to make choices that support your priorities and needs 
  • Enjoying the process of self-care and establishing a night-time routine 
  • How to realistically invest in your marriage and “date” your spouse 
  • Letting go of things that aren’t priorities and focusing on current seasons 
  • Keeping yourself in check with an achievement-based drive 
  • Following your hunger and practicing intuitive eating, as well as overcoming diet culture and the freedom it brings  
  • Finding ways to connect with others outside of self-deprecation 

You can listen to the whole episode here. I’d love to hear your thoughts and takeaways after you listen to it!

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