A Simple Scarf

Sometimes the most basic of outfits can be elevated to something magical with one simple accessory. While I don’t wear them nearly as much as I used to, scarves are the easiest way to change up a look and take something from simple to chic—and they also are pretty perfect for transitioning from winter to spring. Just skip the coat and use a scarf instead 😉 The one I’m wearing is an oldie from Madewell, but I’ve included links to some similar ones below if you feel like this type of accessory is missing from your wardrobe at home.

As far as the flares go, I’m obsessed with these ones I’m wearing from Madewell, but they only have teeny-tiny sizes left so unless you’re a petite little thing you’re out of luck on the dark wash. BUT, I think lighter denim colors are pretty perfect for spring, so if you like the style I’m wearing and don’t mind a different wash, check these out.

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