The $22 Jeans I Bought This Week

Yesterday my friend @annamaegroves shared a pair of $22 jeans that immediately caught my eye. She’s the one who first sold me finally trying 100% cotton denim jeans and I just generally trust her denim selections, so I immediately “swiped up” and ordered the jeans for pickup at my local store so I could try them on myself. I’m happy to report that they live up to the hype! They have a Levi’s vibe to me, and also remind me of the Agolde 90s style jeans (here and here). are an easy and affordable way to add looser jeans into the mix.

I plan to only keep one or two pairs, though I’m not sure which ones. I sized down in every pair because that’s what fit my shape best (small waist, curvy hips/bottom), though admittedly they didn’t all fit exactly the same. If you have different proportions, you may want to stay true to size. Below I’m sharing the 3 washes I personally tried on, and also a 4th pair I ordered today in a different wash…

OPTION 1: I think these might be my favorites of the group — they’re really similar to the next pair, which is why I’m not 100% sure. I love the raw hem (but I could also do that with the other pair…decisions, decisions). These ones fit the loosest of the three I tried on and had the thinnest feeling denim.

OPTION 2: As I mentioned above, a raw hem on these could be pretty great. If I keep these I may try it! These felt like the best fit of all 3 of the jeans — came right up to my waist with a minimal gap, but didn’t feel too tight.

OPTION 3: This pair had the thickest denim and felt the tightest overall. Not so tight I’d size up another size, but definitely more fitted than the others. I’m the least confident in these as keepers, but then I imagine a raw hem and I can see these being pretty amazing. My main issue is probably that the big knee hole doesn’t actually line up with my knee.

Lastly, the other pair I ordered (and plan to pick up and try on today) is this black distressed pair — I got the same size as the other ones and hope they fit the same!

Would you try these $22 jeans? How would you style yours?

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  1. 3.2.21
    Tina said:

    If they didn’t have the distressing, I would 100% buy these. I wouldn’t be able to wear them to work. They are super cute!

  2. 2.28.21
    Lexy said:

    Hey Natalie what did you end up thinking about the black pair?!

    • 3.1.21
      Natalie said:

      They’re really good! Officially my second favorite of the bunch. Need to style mine more to see if they’re keepers for my closet but definitely recommend trying them!

  3. 2.26.21
    Lindsay Keough said:

    Your black tank top is so cute with these jeans. I love that it is cut in more like a muscle tank and that it tucks in. I might be missing where you link to it. Any chance you could re-post the link? Thanks!

  4. 2.23.21
    Lindsey said:

    Okay I bought the light wash/raw hem version of these jeans based on your recommendation & I LOVE them. I sized down one & they fit perfectly. Thanks so much!!

    • 2.23.21
      Natalie said:

      Yay! So happy you love them too!!

  5. 2.21.21
    Nicole said:

    Thanks for the recommendation! I’m going to try them since they are a good price point to fit my postpartum body!

    • 2.23.21
      Natalie said:

      Yes! Perfect postpartum jeans if you ask me.

  6. 2.20.21
    Danielle said:

    Haha I was influenced by Annamaegroves stories on these jeans and picked up the med and charcoal washes yesterday – love them! I stayed true to size personally and at 5’8” still happy with the length (not too cropped). Also can’t beat the price point especially if one wants to try this style without investing a ton. Styled the charcoal wash today with white tennies, rust-colored t-shirt, textured cardigan and leopard headband!

    • 2.23.21
      Natalie said:

      I finally got the charcoal ones too — I think they’re keepers for me!

  7. 2.19.21
    Em said:

    Hi Natalie..i usually run about the same size as you in bottoms…did you happen to size all the way down to a zero? I’m not used to ordering bottoms this way. Thanks!!

    • 2.23.21
      Natalie said:

      My best recommendation is to size down from your normal size (i.e. a 26 is usually a 2), and if in doubt order 2 sizes!

  8. 2.19.21
    Jessica said:

    I picked up the black today and they are amazing for $22 denim. I am a diehard Madewell denim fan but these are a fun addition. Thinking about grabbing one of the lighter washes as well- for $22 I can feel ok about having a few 😉

  9. 2.19.21
    Kara said:

    Leaning towards trying the first pair…I am thinking this might be a great way to try a new cut of jeans (I’m still stuck on the skinny jeans, ha!) Thanks for sharing!

    • 2.19.21
      Natalie said:

      Yes, perfect jeans to start with if you’re dabbling in looser jeans! I feel similarly — I do wear a lot of straight leg jeans, but these are looser and feel like a different silhouette for me. It’s easier for me to experiment with them knowing I haven’t put forward a big investment since I’m still deciding on the style.

  10. 2.18.21
    Nicole said:

    Hi Natalie!
    I love all three on you, so hard to chose!
    I have a few pairs of these jeans myself and I really love them! I was surprised at how well they fit for $22 , I’m a curvy girl and these are very flattering and I love pairing them with a puff sleeve top and those new exaggerated tanks from Target, any shoe looks great, flats and high tops especially 🙂 I can’t wait to see how you style it up!

    • 2.19.21
      Natalie said:

      Yes to the puff sleeve!!! And yes I need to do some experimenting with the shoes — I had fun playing around in my closet last night with ideas for how to wear them. Pretty sure I want to keep the raw hem jeans, just need to decide now if I want to shorten the hem at all, or cuff them.

  11. 2.18.21
    Debbie Brostek said:

    You look adorable in every pair!! I will pick mine up today. Thank you !

    • 2.19.21
      Natalie said:

      Thank you! Let me know what you think of yours when you get them!

      • 2.19.21
        Debbie Brostek said:

        I’m keeping the frayed hem pair. I bought the smallest and one size up as well. When I tried on I was sure the smaller ones were too tight. But after an hour they stretched and are very comfortable. I’m not tall but 5’7” and the hemmed jeans are just too short on me. For $22 these are fun and comfy. Thank you!

        • 2.19.21
          Natalie said:

          Yes, mine have loosened with wear also! Definitely stand by my recommendation to size down in these.

          • 2.22.21
            Mackenzie said:

            Hi Natalie! Love these denim finds! I apologize if this was tagged, but where is the black bodysuit you’re wearing in the post? I’ve been looking for the perfect one!

      • 2.20.21
        Serena said:

        I told myself no more distressed jeans for me but you and Anna convinced me I need these. They look so great on.

  12. 2.18.21
    Becca Keyser said:

    My mom swears by these jeans! Excited to try them! I’m going to style them with some feminine elevated tops for spring and some light cotton sweaters for this in between season.

    • 2.18.21
      Natalie said:

      Yes! I definitely see these going well with feminine blouses and probably will do the same. Need to experiment with the shoe situation.

    • 2.20.21
      Hetal Bhatia said:

      Agree, all three look great on you! Thanks for the recommendation. I picked up the black for my daughter and the medium wash for myself. I’ve got an athletic build (5’6”, 143 lbs) and typically wear a 6-8 depending the brand (I bought a 6). They do fit nicely and are very comfortable with the slight stretch. I’m just not sure if they’re too high waisted, I will try them one more time. The black pair look awesome on my long and lean 16-year old.

  13. 2.18.21
    Lacy said:

    Definitely worth a try! Thanks for sharing!

    • 2.18.21
      Natalie said:

      Let me know if you get a pair and what you think!