11 gifts for the tiny babies in your life

This headband or pixie bonnet from my friend Kelli’s new line, Quincy Mae, is a perfect accessory for little ones. $10-$12

Teething is the worst, but at least you can make it more bearable with an adorable little handmade teether. $12.99

Babies love to knock things down! These nesting blocks are a non-hideous toy addition for any baby. $20

These organic footed pajamas from my favorite kids’ pajama brand come in a variety of adorable patterns for little ones. $31.50

This hooded baby robe makes bath time cozier (and cuter!). $32

I love this beautiful, modern stroller blanket. $59.50

These ABC stroller cards are great for baby to play with while out and about. $13

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a marshmallow bear jacket?! I think not. $54

Tummy time is way more fun with a plush play mat—I love the unicorn! $63

This nesting rainbow toy is both beautiful and good for baby’s development. Win-win! $15.99

This activity center is designed to grow with baby, starting from 4 months old. $119

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