VIDEO LINKS: 10 Wavy Hair Questions Answered

See the full video here, and get quick links to things mentioned in the video below:

Refresh products

Favorite hair accessories for overly frizzy or bad hair days

My go-to products right now

My detangling tools

My favorite diffusers

Hair ties for workouts

Favorites for sleep


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  1. 8.12.20
    Barb said:

    What products do you use for hydration and volume with curly hair. I only use a dryer once a week yet my hair is very dry.

    • 8.15.20
      Natalie said:

      My hair used to be a lot more dry but the longer I avoid heat the healthier it gets. I only use a small amount of conditioner in the shower personally. Two things I’d focus on for you would be making sure you really get the conditioner absorbed into your hair (the “squish to condish” method can help with that), and also maybe consider a leave-in or not fully rinsing out all of your conditioner.