The Dylan Necklace + The Camille Necklace in Matte Black


Two new necklaces, one similar bead: recycled glass from Ghana in a gorgeous matte black shade. These beads are created by hand by artisans in Africa and each one is similar but unique in its own way. The best part is how the way they’re created relates to life: turning ashes to beauty, trash into treasure, something tossed out and used made into something beautiful worth wearing. I love it.

First up, the fan-favorite Dylan Necklace:

The Dylan Necklace is a funky pendant necklace that’s both minimal and bold. Featuring a 22K matte gold plated triangle, a matte black recycled glass bead from Ghana, and a flat bone bead, the pendant sits on our signature 32″ matte gold-plated chain. The glass bead has a gorgeous matte opaque finish. Since this product features natural materials, each necklace will be similar but unique.

Next, the best-selling Camille Necklace:

The Camille Necklace makes an effortless statement that is both eye-catching and simple. Featuring three matte black recycled glass beads from Ghana, this is a long necklace our 32″ signature matte gold plated chain. Perfect for day or night, this piece has a bold-yet-minimalist feel to it. Since recycled glass is a natural product, made by hand, each piece will differ slightly—we love that perfectly imperfect feel!

These pieces are both part of The Recycled Glass Collection, which means a portion of their sales will be donated to Touch A Life. You can read more about that partnership here, and shop all of the pieces in that collection here.


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