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The Bridget Tassel Earrings in Grey


Earrings are having a major moment in fashion right now. Personally, I find myself reaching for my tassel earrings more often than my necklaces, largely because they make a casual outfit feel dressier and they are a really easy accessory to wear when chasing around a toddler!  Read More


A New Chapter


Hello, hello! I’m so excited to introduce you to the new Natalie Borton blog! It’s time for a fresh start, and today I’m filling you in on all the changes…  Read More


Hey, Baby


That’s right—baby GIRL Borton is on her way and we are so, so excited! Jack is going to make such a great big brother. My due date is October 31st and we cannot wait to meet her this fall! Although the announcement isn’t necessarily news to you if you follow along on Instagram, I thought it would be fun to share a bit about how the first trimester went as well as how we felt when we got the news about the pregnancy and gender.  Read More


The Playsuit


I’ve been a long time fan of Sonnet James and their new collection is one of my all-time favorites! Earlier this month they sent me their new Ava dress (more on that soon) and this super fun playsuit. This is the first time they’ve done a two-piece set and I have to say, it’s so comfortable! Dresses are simple and easy to throw on but there are some days when you really just need a pair of pants. I admittedly am still learning how I like to style it, but this combination was the first thing that came to mind and I really love how it came together.  Read More

News / Outfits

The Marisa Necklace


Though I’m still new to this business, the more pieces I create the more I’m able to see which ones really stand the test of time based on what I reach for when I’m getting ready. One of those pieces has been the Marisa Necklace, which I released in June last year. I can confidently say it’s one of my top 5 most-worn necklaces and I always feel bad showing it to you when it’s not available anymore. Thus, I decided to create a new limited edition version of it—The Marisa Necklace (Bone & Stripe)—for you to enjoy this season!  Read More