Real Talk Real Moms: Technology


It’s time for another personal motherhood post, so if you’re not into that, you can just skip this one! I’m joining in again on the Real Talk, Real Moms series and this month we’re sharing about technology and our kids—thoughts, rules and structure around technology with them, as well as our boundaries on social media. I would love if you would share your own experience in the comments—and be sure to check out the posts from The Effortless Chic, Design for Mankind, The Fresh ExchangeAve Styles, Apartment 34 and The Life Styled

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Luxy Hair + 33 Week Bump


True story: I recorded an entire how-to video today sharing about these new Luxy Hair extensions, and the entire video was out of focus. I was too frustrated to record it again, so that will just have to wait for another day! I did manage to snap some photos of the hair (and my 33 week bump) after the fact and decided text would do just fine to share a bit about the extensions, why I like them and how to make them work with a mid-length blunt haircut that has more than one color in it.  Read More


Favorite Fall Looks


This post also could be called “what I can’t wait to wear when my bump is gone.” Luckily fall doesn’t really arrive in San Diego until November, and I’ll be able to start participating in some real (aka non-maternity) fall style while cuddling with my newborn baby girl. These are a few old favorites I’m ready to wear again soon, as well as links to the jewelry I’m wearing from my shop (or a similar piece). You can also catch up on all of my past fall looks here.

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