Fall 10×10 | Day 10


I did it! I made it to day 10! I’ll be reflecting more on this wardrobe challenge soon, but let me tell you right now: as fun as it was, I’m glad it’s over.  Read More

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Thirty One


Today is my 31st birthday and it feels super strange. It’s a non-exciting age, first of all—last year turning 30 felt like a major deal and I even threw myself a big party with some close friends to celebrate. This year, I’m just one more year into this new decade, extremely pregnant and oh-so-tired. All I really want is a nap. And definitely a glass of champagne (which I sadly won’t get to enjoy for several more weeks!).  Read More


Fall 10×10 | Day 9


Today is the day I broke—capsule-wardrobe-wise, that is. Although I technically could’ve worn this jumpsuit on it’s own, I shared that look with you guys here already and it felt so un-creative. So I decided strict rules weren’t the goal and I should just grab an extra piece to complete the outfit. Since it’s a vest, it’s sort of an accessory and not an actual piece of clothing, right?! (At least that’s what I’m telling myself.)

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Fall 10×10 | Day 8


I finally busted out the jeans! These babies have been with me since the very start of my pregnancy when I couldn’t button my high rise jeans at 8 weeks pregnant. They have mixed reviews on the website, but I am a major fan! You can see my thoughts in a previous blog post here, but for those of you who have continued to wonder if they’re worth it, they are! I’m 37 weeks along and they still fit comfortably. I definitely plan to wear them for a bit once the baby is born too! Read More