Warm Weather Vacation Capsule (15+ Outfits)

Who is dreaming of warmer temperatures and less responsibility? If you’ve got plans to get away from the grind, I’ve got your packing list covered. I put together a minimalist, mix-and-match warm weather vacation capsule wardrobe with 17 (!!!) outfits. I set out to create enough looks for a week and was amazed at how many outfits I was able to put together with the pieces I chose.

I even completed the looks with what I like to call “air-dried vacation hair,” because realistically this is what my hair is like when I’m spending my days in and out of the pool or ocean. Since there are A LOT of outfits, I’m just going to put all of the links for you right here at the top and then share the outfit photos below that. Hope this makes your travel packing a breeze!