The March Collection

I know the world feels like it’s falling apart right now. Things are a bit wild and uncertain, and admittedly I hesitated about moving forward with this product launch because I didn’t know if it would be appropriate. So I took to Instagram and used one of my favorite feedback tools—polls!—and thousands of you reported back that you are wanting to be distracted from the uncertainties of the world, and also that you definitely still wanted this product launch to happen as scheduled. So, I’m going for it!

Above is a peek at this month’s collection. You’ll notice some old favorites as well as some new styles in this collection. There’s lots of texture mixed with metallics and natural elements, plus a mix of bold pieces with everyday dainty pieces. I hope you love it! You can preview it all right here.

Everything will be available on Thursday, March 19th at 9am PDT (or 8:50am if you’re on the text list!).