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5 Ways to Wear White Straight Leg Jeans

It took me years to finally embrace white jeans and love how they looked on me. I was always paranoid about them “showing everything” or not being “flattering” (I hate that word now) and honestly I’m sad I missed out on them for so many years, because they really are such an essential part of my wardrobe now. White jeans are honestly one of the easiest ways to transition my wardrobe into spring in summer. Any outfit with white jeans feels lighter, brighter, happier and chic. I feel so classy and cool when I wear mine! Hopefully this post will inspire you to bust out your white jeans for spring and summer, or finally invest in a pair that you can love for years to come.

A Week of Outfits with Denim Shorts

My love for my denim cutoff shorts runs DEEP. The truth is, I spent years of my life feeling self-conscious in shorts, avoiding them like the plague because of my own distorted self-image. I’m happy to say those days are behind me and I’m on the shorts bandwagon, because let me tell you, they are so, so practical for hot weather and I much prefer them to dresses. Whether it’s already warm where you live or you’re just dreaming of summer days when we’re out of quarantine, here’s a full week of outfits with denim shorts to inspire your own looks. I included bags with each look because I’m hopeful I’ll be leaving the house one day soon and honestly missing my bags so much!

5 Ways to Wear a Linen Tank with EILEEN FISHER

I love, love, love this color, but even better than how it looks is how responsibly it was made. The fabric is produced through organic farming that supports clean water and healthy soil. Woven and dyed in Spain using minimal water and energy without hazardous chemicals, it’s a beautiful piece I can feel really good about wearing.

7 Ways to Wear a Graphic Sweatshirt

A week of outfits with a comfy wardrobe basic! They key is finding the right one for you. What do you already own? What color works best with your wardrobe? What phrase or design are you drawn to? Graphic tees and sweatshirts can vary so widely and it’s good to make sure that you really love the design before you buy one (that way you’ll really wear and love it!).

1 Shirtdress, 4 Ways

While I’m usually one for jeans, sometimes a great dress is all that will do. I love shirtdresses in particular because they are a perfect blend of masculine and feminine, and they can be a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Today I’m teaming up with Anthropologie to share four spring and summer looks featuring one shirtdress. These looks are perfect for the warmer days ahead when we are out of quarantine and back in our normal routines. And until then? A great shirtdress works really well as a one-and-done, work-from-home outfit. Pair with some cozy slippers your co-workers will never see while you’re on your Zoom call and you’re good to go!

8 Days of Outfits with Sweaters

These looks are simple and comfortable. They’re very work-from-home friendly, and many of them work well for a day at home playing with kids, too. Every sweater is styled with sneakers and comfy mules because those are honestly the only two types of shoes I’m reaching for when I leave the house to take Hank on his walks or to watch the kids while they play in the driveway. Hopefully this post will inspire you to grab a cozy knit this week and wear it in a new way.

Everlane ‘At Home’ Spring Capsule (15+ Outfits)

This 23-piece capsule is casual and comfortable. I’ve been working from home for years and one thing I’ve found to be immensely helpful in productivity and morale is that I GET DRESSED every single day. I brush my hair and do some minimal makeup and put on REAL CLOTHES and I feel like a real human who can get things done. It really makes a difference!

One Week of Outfits with Black Leggings

A full week of outfits with black leggings that are both comfortable and presentable in case you need to be on a video conference for work or are spending your whole day playing blocks on the floor with your toddler.

5 Ways to Wear White Loafers for Spring

I added these loafers to my wardrobe last year and I love that they feel both classic and modern all at once. The pointed toe and white leather gives them a bit of edge that I’m often looking to add to an outfit. Whether you are in the market for some white loafers or already have a pair you’ve been trying to wear more, here are 5 outfit ideas for you to take your white loafers into spring.

10 Outfits with Everlane Court Sneakers

The great news with these shoes is that there was absolutely no break in time, they’re super comfy to walk around in all day, they add a sporty vibe to any look and they’re under $100.

5 Ways to Wear a Camo Cardigan

Camo made a big comeback last year and I’m so happy it did because the colors really work with my wardrobe color palette. Camo can sometimes feel very utilitarian or masculine, so I’m showing you how I like to style my camo cardigan to balance out those elements. The key is to find feminine elements to mix in to create good outfit balance—my ideal outfits always have a mix of masculine and feminine and ideally a little something classic and a little something edgy.

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