Luxy Hair + 33 Week Bump

True story: I recorded an entire how-to video today sharing about these new Luxy Hair extensions, and the entire video was out of focus. I was too frustrated to record it again, so that will just have to wait for another day! I did manage to snap some photos of the hair (and my 33 week bump) after the fact and decided text would do just fine to share a bit about the extensions, why I like them and how to make them work with a mid-length blunt haircut that has more than one color in it. 

I’ve been a fan of hair extensions since my hair started looking thin and crazy after having Jack. While I historically have used them for braids mostly, the new Luxy Hair Seamless Collection is making it way easier for me to wear my hair down with them in!

Unlike the original clip-in extensions, these ones have a silicone strip where the clips are attached and they lie flat against my head. They feel so much more secure, and honestly feel lighter weight. The only down side? You can’t color the root, so you have to make sure the color you choose matches! For that, I recommend ordering a free swatch to see what works best.

A recent technique I learned is my new go-to method. I want to shoot my own video of it, but until then you can go straight to the source and see how it’s done here. In a nutshell, it involves two different sets of Luxies and some creative layering. I have on the Seamless Ombre Blonde and Seamless Ombre Chestnut sets, with the different shades layered back and forth to help blend my hair color best.

Oh, and here’s the bump! Baby girl is 33 weeks along and I am feeling very ready to meet her. The aches and pains of the third trimester are definitely worse this second time around, but luckily since I’ve done it all before I know it’s totally worth it.

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