Hey, Baby

That’s right—baby GIRL Borton is on her way and we are so, so excited! Jack is going to make such a great big brother. My due date is October 31st and we cannot wait to meet her this fall! Although the announcement isn’t necessarily news to you if you follow along on Instagram, I thought it would be fun to share a bit about how the first trimester went as well as how we felt when we got the news about the pregnancy and gender. 

We found out we were pregnant back in February. We were hoping to expand our family this year so it was very welcome news and at the same time totally surreal. Are we really going to have TWO kids?!  When we first got married we didn’t even picture ourselves with any children, and now here we are living a totally different life we are so happy we chose for ourselves.

The first trimester this time around was definitely different—mostly way more nausea and totally different cravings. Last time around I don’t remember being very nauseous, and food-wise I basically ate pizza and ice cream, and perhaps a little veggie sushi. This time, I had a pretty constant “am I going to barf right now?!” feeling from weeks 6-10 and I am majorly craving fresher, lighter food with a low tolerance for really heavy, greasy things. So opposite! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not eating 100% healthy all the time, but more often than not I want huge veggie sandwiches, really great salads, fresh fruit, and even raw veggies.

We opted to take an early blood test to find out the baby’s gender, and did a mini gender reveal over Easter weekend while my parents were in town. I made sure my OB’s office knew not to give me the results over the phone and had them put them sealed in an envelope instead. Once I picked up the envelope, I took it straight over to Susie Cakes and ordered a dozen cupcakes filled with either blue for a boy or pink for a girl.

Luckily Sydney (my intern/Jack’s nanny) was available to come over and snap photos and some video while all of us simultaneously bit into our cupcakes and had the big surprise of PINK frosting! It’s still a bit surreal since all we’ve known for the past 2.5 years is parenting a little boy, but we are so happy to add a baby girl into the mix now.

P.S. My long hair is c/o Luxy Hair Extensions and the white dress is c/o Mayarya—it’s made for before, during and after pregnancy!

Photos by Sydney Roach

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  1. 4.21.17
    Holly said:

    Congrats!! I know it’s quite a personal topic, so I completely understand if you’d rather not address it, but I have to ask – would you ever consider writing a post on why/how you and your husband changed your mind on kids? I only ask cause that is the situation I find myself in, and it seems like literally none of my friends can relate, lol. I have been married a few years now and my husband and I never really wanted kids, but lately I feel like that MIGHT be changing? But it also might be inadvertent “peer pressure” of being married and in my early 30s with tons of friends having kids!

  2. 4.21.17
    Katie said:

    I’m thrilled for this new season you’re ushering in Natalie! I’ve been a reader for many years and cherish your blog.

    I had a gut feeling you were pregnant, based on the cropping of your recent IG photos (if you were in them at all) as well as the musings you shared with us there about shifting focus lately and slowing down.

    Poddibly because we are pregnant as well – due just 8 days after you, on November 8th! I am thrilled to walk through this journey “alongside” you – a woman I consider to be one of my primary examples and encouragers on crafting the life I hope for.

    PS I’m also intensely nauseous and craving fresh, colorful food ❤ Here’s hoping the second trimester brings a refreshed gut ?

    • 4.21.17
      Natalie said:

      Yes, I definitely didn’t take as many photos the first trimester, mostly because I was in my pajamas on my couch feeling nauseous so often! I’m so glad the news is out now 🙂 Congrats on your pregnancy, too!