7 Ways to Wear a Graphic Sweatshirt

I recently added a couple of graphic sweatshirts to my wardrobe and they have become fast favorites. I ordered them as part of the Clare V. 25% off sale in an effort to support one of my favorite small businesses, and when they arrived they were even better than I expected. I honestly only intended to keep one of them—but if you follow on Instagram you know already that I kept them both! In this post I’ll be styling the more versatile of the two: a black graphic sweatshirt with the word “ciao” across the front.

Sadly this sweatshirt is sold out, but I found several cool graphic sweatshirts for you to check out if you’re in the market for one. They key is finding the right one for you. What do you already own? What color works best with your wardrobe? What phrase or design are you drawn to? Graphic tees and sweatshirts can vary so widely and it’s good to make sure that you really love the design before you buy one (that way you’ll really wear and love it!). These are my top picks that are available now:

The earrings I’m wearing are the 14K Gold Hoops and 14K Gold Textured Huggie Hoops from my shop. They’re sold out but will be available again later this spring! I’m also wearing the James Link Chain Necklace and Chloe Coin Necklace, and they’ll both be available later this month.

Similar jeans / sneakers / bag / bag strap

Hank sort of steals the show here! But this is actually the first way I wore the sweatshirt when I got it. So casual and cool and comfortable!

Jeans (c/o) / Mules (c/o) / Bag

Here’s another casual-cool way to style the sweatshirt that is slightly more elevated thanks to mules and white denim. I sized down in the jeans and have the ankle length, and I went up 1/2 size in the mules.

Jeans (c/o) / Mules (c/o) / Similar bag / Bag strap

I love this monochromatic look with pops of white accents. It’s minimalist without being boring. I sized down in the jeans and have the ankle length, and went up 1/2 size in the mules.

Shorts / Sandals / Similar hat / Bag (this colorway sold out) / Bag strap

A late spring/early summer look for you—I definitely will be wearing this when the weather warms up here! I recommend sizing up in the shorts.

Similar skirt (also this and this) / Similar bag / Sandals

This look has a playful energy to it that I’m really into. A little tip for you when you’re wearing a high rise skirt—tuck your top/sweatshirt into your bra so that it doesn’t get bunchy tucked into your skirt. I learned this from Brighton Keller and it truly is a life-changing fashion trick!!

Trench coat (c/o) / Jeans (c/o) / Mules (c/o)

This look feels so French, and I can tell you, it’s super comfy too! This trench coat has a much softer fabric than a traditional one, so it matches my laid back California style much better. I recommend sizing down in the coat and sizing up 1/2 size in the mules. The jeans are pretty true to size and I have the ankle length.

Dress (c/o, also similar here)/ Sandals / Similar bag

Here’s a layered look for you, proving even more that a shirt dress is such a versatile wardrobe item! I recommend sizing down in the dress, but only get the petite length if you’re under 5’2″ (I’m 5’4″ and this is the regular length—perfect!).