Favorite Things | May 2017

My New Day Designer
Is there anything quite as lovely as starting fresh with a new planner? I think not. I’ve used both the Simplified Planner and Day Designer and honestly there is really not a big difference between them except in cover/tab style. I chose this one for the gorgeous palm print and gold detailing and I finally get to start using it TOMORROW. See all of their planners here.

Native Deodorant
I’ve been on the hunt for a good natural deodorant forever, so when Jessica from Jack and Ella Paper gave this one a big thumbs up I decided it was worth it to give it a try. I haven’t been using it for that long, but one thing I can say so far is that the coconut vanilla scent is so dreamy and I haven’t felt stinky during the day. Hooray!

Outremer Eau De Toilette
With “notes of sea salt atop an aromatic marine base” this perfume has a fresh, coastal-inspired scent I keep coming back to. It feels like such a luxury to spritz it on in the morning.

Merona Lace Up Sandals
These Steve Madden knockoffs are the perfect summer heeled sandal. I especially love how they look with one of my many off-shoulder dresses. Bonus: they are super comfortable, even for a pregnant mama like me!

Luxy Hair Extensions
No, my hair has not grown super long all of a sudden, I’m just wearing my extensions more often! I got mine custom cut and colored by my stylist Kristin (at Station Salon in Encinitas) and I love how easy it is to have long hair when I want it. This is the set I have, and Kristin added a root and some lowlights to them to help blend better with my darker hair.

Raising Wild Lucy + Laken Swimsuits
I’ve been a fan of Raising Wild swimwear for years, but their most recent releases are some of my absolute favorites!! They sent me a Lucy and Laken suit, both in black (my fave) and they are gorgeous. The Lucy is definitely more bump friendly, but I can wear both of them for a while and should fit into the Lucy for the rest of my pregnancy.

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