Favorite Things | August 2017

At Home Mini-Facials
For a quick pampering sesh, lately I’ve been doing mini facials at home to help revive my overheated summer skin. Everything I use is from Glossier, and it goes a little something like this: Start with the Moisturizing Mask—leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse (to make it super easy I often time it so I take a shower right afterward!). Next, I spray on some Soothing Face Mist, which I honestly use so often during the day to just freshen up my skin. Once the mist absorbs a bit, I’ll massage in some Super Bounce serum and follow it with Priming Moisturizer Rich. My face has never felt so soft—it seriously rivals Jack’s baby skin! 

Dv Slide Sandals
It’s not very groundbreaking for a pregnant woman to love shoes that she can easily slip on, is it? But honestly, between being in my third trimester and this major heat wave, I’ve loved how easy-yet-chic slide sandals are! These ones from Target are my current favorites that you’ve seen me wearing over and over.

Trader Joe’s Salted Caramel Gelato
Sadly you cannot buy it directly through a link here on the blog, but seriously GO TO TRADER JOE’S RIGHT NOW AND BUY SOME!! It’s my latest sweet treat obsession and it’s rich enough that I don’t need to eat the whole quart to feel satisfied, haha.

UPPAbaby Vista
We recently got an upgrade to our favorite stroller and I couldn’t love it more. Our new one has gorgeous leather accents and a dreamy light blue material that reminds me a little of the color of my favorite chambray shirt. We are now all set to add a second kid into the mix thanks to the attachments that let the stroller convert from a single to a double. Jack is very excited that he gets to share it with his baby sister soon 🙂

Storq Maternity Clothes
I have plans to do a dedicated post featuring the different ways I’m wearing pieces from this brand, but let me just cut to the chase and tell you this: if you’re pregnant, order clothes from Storq! They are minimalist and soft and practical and I honestly wear them more than anything else. Their leggings certainly will continue to get wear after the baby is born, too—they’re designed in a way that will make them easy to wear as fold-over leggings in those early days when comfort and simplicity are the key to wearing any clothes.

Luxy Seamless Hair Extensions
I’ve loved Luxy for a while, and now that they have a seamless collection I am over the moon about faking my mermaid hair! With fine hair, I never could clip my extensions up very far without fear of the clips showing but this new set—which is designed to lay flatter against your head—is totally different and I’m incredibly pleased. Since my hair has several different tones in it, ranging from dark brown to dirty blond, they kindly sent me TWO sets to try out and layer together and the results are awesome. I did a story on IG today showing them off, but more photos/video are coming to the blog for those of you with hair woes like me who desperately want longer locks.

PlanetBox Lunchbox
Another product that was sent to me to try this month that I’m hooked on is PlanetBox. I got their Rover lunchbox for Jack and it’s made making food for him way more fun and a lot easier. I find that the different compartments help me get more creative when considering the entire meal and I end up with way more variety for him! He insists on eating lunch from it every day, and especially loves sticking on the magnets that come with it.

Ozeri Double Walled Glasses
These days hot coffee isn’t quite as appealing as it once was, so I’ve switched to one morning iced coffee to start the day and these are my favorite glasses to use for it! Whenever I have one with me in an Instagram story I get so many questions about them, so I wanted to make sure to share the source here so you can get your hands on a set, too.

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