My Experience with Equilibria CBD

Today I’m partnering with Equilibria to share my own personal experience with their products, plus offer you a discount code to try it out yourself. This is my personal review of the products as a paying customer for the past year, and not intended to be a substitute for medical advice from your practitioner. 

Last year I went through stressful season of work and it completely messed with my health and wellbeing. I basically stopped sleeping, never took a break, and also suffered from a massive eyelid eczema flare up. I was sore worn out. I felt tired all the time, but reached a point where my body just struggled to actually get the sleep it needed. My mind wouldn’t turn off and I’d end up taking forever to fall asleep or waking up in the middle of the night unable to fall back asleep again for hours. My body just clearly could not handle the intense pressure I was putting on myself to work 24/7. And while it was a big year of growth for my business, it is a season I’m not proud of whatsoever.


In November, I got an email from a company called Equilibria asking me if they could send me some CBD products to try. I remembered hearing a few of my friends say they’d had positive experiences with the brand, and I did some research myself before agreeing to try some random CBD product. Here are some quick facts about CBD and specifically Equilibria that I learned:

  • CBD is a natural ingredient found within industrial hemp flowers. It is clinically proven to impact mental and physical well-being, when taken properly and consistently. It is a powerful health agent, but there is no discernible impairment (no high!).
  • It’s legal. The Federal Farm Bill (the Agricultural Act of 2018) legalized the production and sale of hemp bred with 0.3% percent or less THC.
  • While there are definitely some sketchy CBD companies out there, Equilibria’s CBD is made in their organic farm from start to finish, ensuring safety, and also that they adhere to medical grade production standards.
  • It’s most effective when used consistently, almost like a daily vitamin.

I was honestly a little nervous, but decided it would be worth a try. I was comforted by the fact that it wasn’t going to make me feel high, and that it was a natural way to manage my sleep issues rather than getting hooked on a sleeping pill. They sent me their Balance Box to try, but the real winning product for me was the Daily Drops. I am not exaggerating when I say that they changed my life. I worked with a dosage consultant to get the dosage right and I ended up starting with 1 mL of the 10mg per 1ml strength Daily Drops right before bed.


In conjunction with a nightly, relaxing bedtime routine I created for myself to wind down, taking a dose of The Daily Drops before bed every night completely ended my sleepless nights and helped my body get the rest it needed. Here’s my routine I’ve been doing for a full year now (the Balance Box was gifted, but I’ve been a paying customer for all of 2020):

  • Skincare routine (wash my face, apply skincare products)
  • Brush and floss my teeth
  • Take Equilibria Daily Drops (held under the tongue for 60 seconds)
  • Crawl into bed and read a book

Sometimes I read for 5 minutes, sometimes I read for 30 minutes. I find that reading helps relax my mind and gives the CBD time to take effect. When my eyes start to feel heavy and I feel like yawning, I know it’s time to close the book and call it a night.


In May, I noticed that I was waking up feeling pretty groggy. At first I thought it was my allergies or that I wasn’t getting enough sleep, but then I realized it could be that my body just needed a lower dosage of CBD since I wasn’t experiencing such intense stress anymore. I emailed my dosage consultant and she got back to me immediately with feedback on how to adjust my dose, plus she checked in a week later to confirm that the new dosage recommendation was working out for me. I was impressed by how quickly my questions were answered and the fact that they did a follow up.


Equilibria recently released a Daily Treatment Oil for face and body that contains 500mg full-spectrum CBD and 7 nourishing botanical oils. I’ve been hooked on a really fancy face cream this year, but it’s quite pricey and I’m planning to try out the Daily Treatment Oil as soon as that cream runs out. I’ll definitely share my review on that once I get a chance to try it out!

Update 1/15/21: Equilibria sent me some of this oil to try right before Christmas and I’ve been using it daily since! It’s a really lovely oil that has replaced my daily moisturizer, and I use it both morning and night. Definitely recommend it!


If you’re interested in trying Equilibria to help with sleep, anxiety, hormonal balancing, etc, you can use the code ‘natalieborton’ for 15% off your first order. I highly recommend a subscription, at least for a few months, to see the full impact of it with daily use and allow time to get the dosage exactly right.

Through Thursday, 11/26 they also have a BOGO sale going on for their holiday gift sets—buy one, and get one 50% off! This deal applies to both new and existing customers, but if you’re a brand new customer you can also use the ‘natalieborton’ code to get an additional 15% off that order.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have below!

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  1. 11.25.20
    kim said:

    Do you like the mint drops or unflavored? I’m not sure which one to try! Thanks.

    • 11.25.20
      Natalie said:

      I take the unflavored ones but I know a lot of people love the mint! The unflavored ones have an herbal taste for sure, but they don’t taste bad to me at all.