A Week of Outfits with Denim Shorts

My love for my denim cutoff shorts runs DEEP. The truth is, I spent years of my life feeling self-conscious in shorts, avoiding them like the plague because of my own distorted self-image. I’m happy to say those days are behind me and I’m on the shorts bandwagon, because let me tell you, they are so, so practical for hot weather and I much prefer them to dresses the majority of the time.

Once I got over my issues with shorts, I spent years searching for the perfect pair. Admittedly I was always going for cheap “dupe” options rather than waiting it out, saving my money, and investing in a quality pair that fit me well and were made to last. It seemed like every year I was on the hunt for a new pair of shorts, and honestly that just bummed me out because it felt so wasteful. Finally I decided to go for it and invest in a pair that so many people raved about on Instagram and I honestly just felt sad I hadn’t done it sooner. Whatever your budget, and whether you buy your shorts second hand or new, know this: it’s worth it to wait and find your perfect pair! Don’t settle—you’ll find them.

For me, that perfect pair is the Agolde Dee Shorts. They’re high rise, the perfect wash and length, and just the right amount destroyed. I generally like to size up in my shorts and these are no exception. (If you like a looser fit that hits lower on the waist, try the Agolde Parker Shorts instead—I have these too and they’re my 2nd favorite pair!). And while I don’t typically like to share alternative options I haven’t personally tried, I have several friends who can testify to the fact that the Abercrombie Mom Shorts are very similar to the Agolde Dee Shorts if you’re more price sensitive for a purchase like this.

Whether it’s already warm where you live or you’re just dreaming of summer days when we’re out of quarantine, here’s a full week of outfits with denim shorts to inspire your own looks. I included bags with each look because I’m hopeful I’ll be leaving the house one day soon and honestly missing my bags so much! Also, you know I had to complete each look with some handmade jewelry—here are the pieces I’m wearing in every outfit:

Top / Mules (and similar) / Bag (larger here)

This top is intended to be oversized and airy, but it definitely runs big and I recommend sizing down. The bag is sold out everywhere if you’re trying to buy new, but I found it here and here secondhand. Also, it’s currently available in a slightly larger size here. The mules run a bit small so I went up 1/2 size.

Shirt (c/o) / Mules (c/o) / Bag

I love the mix of neutrals and denim happening here, as well as the balance of feminine and masculine. This shirt (and the washable silk shirts from this brand in general) runs small and I recommend sizing up for sure. The mules are ridiculously comfortable and fit perfectly in 1/2 size up.

Sweatshirt / Sandals / Similar headband / Bag (larger here)

This look gets me really excited for warmer summer weather—I recently ordered this sweatshirt after seeing it on my friend Amanda (@delightfullyimpatient) and it’s even better in person! I cannot get enough of the rust hues in my wardrobe. One of my favorite colors to wear for sure!

Sweater blazer / Shirt (c/o, and similar) / Mules (and similar) / Bag (larger here)

I love this mix of casual denim shorts with more elevated, structured pieces like the blazer and the woven mules. The blazer runs a bit big, so I sized down, but you could stay TTS for an even more oversized fit. The mules run a bit small so I went up 1/2 size.

Similar jacket / Sweater (c/o) / Sneakers (c/o) / Bag (larger here)

The jacket I’m linking is almost identical to the one I have (which is from the same brand, just a few seasons ago). My sneakers are the off-white/fog color and have easily been the most worn shoes of this entire quarantine—so comfortable and zero break-in time. Use the code Natalie20 for 20% off the sweater (fits true to size).

Duster / Tee (c/o) / Mules (and similar) / Bag (larger here)

I’m very much feeling the duster concept lately (see another example here!). I got this one last year and found it available here in a couple of sizes. I sized down in mine! The mules run a bit small so I went up 1/2 size.

Tee (and similar) / Bag / Sneakers (c/o)

Sometimes only a t-shirt and sneakers will do! I tucked in this oversized tee and rolled the sleeves for a feminine touch to balance the edginess of a washed black graphic tee. The bag also elevates the look and makes it feel a bit more classic. I find that Anine Bing tees run big and I went down a size in this one! My sneakers are the off-white/fog color and have easily been the most worn shoes of this entire quarantine—so comfortable and zero break-in time.