Black Friday: Our Only Sale of the Year!


It’s Thanksgiving week, which means Black Friday is coming! To help you plan your shopping, I wanted to be sure to let you know what our deal is in advance. We just added virtual gift cards to our shop, so this year we’ll be giving them out in varied amounts based on what you spend. Here are the details:

  • Spend $50+, get a gift card for $10
  • Spend $100+, get a gift card for $30
  • Spend $150+, get a gift card for $50
  • Spend $250+, get a gift card for $100

The deal will last from Thursday (11/23) at 9pm PST through Monday (11/27) at midnight PST. Gift cards will be issued on Tuesday (11/28) via email so be sure to include your email address when you make your purchase! You can keep the card for yourself, or forward it to a loved one as a gift this season.

Also, if you’re not sure what to give this season, be sure to check out the Holiday Edit for some ideas!


How to Look Put Together in 10 Minutes


Getting yourself from wake-up time to getting-out-the-door time as a mom is a big adventure. Before kids, all we had to do was get up early enough to shower and get ready. Now, it’s more of a juggling game to feed the kids, change the diapers, dress the kids, pack the snacks, etc., etc. Time for us mamas is minimal in the morning, so I thought I’d share the 3 ways I help myself look and feel a little bit more put-together before I leave the house.  Read More


Blackwatch Plaid


Plaid season is here! And I️ have to say, the timing is perfect because flannel and button down shirts are a total dream for these newborn days when I’m nursing a baby so frequently. I️ recently fell in love with blackwatch plaid and this is the first of a few items I’ve ordered in the print.

Read More


My Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe


Dressing yourself in the weeks and months after having a baby is a major challenge. Your body is recovering from growing a human being inside of it for almost a year, your chest is changing sizes as you’re nursing, your belly is soft and your hips are probably a bit wider. The good news is, a changing body doesn’t mean abandoning style altogether if you don’t want to.

To make it easier for myself to get ready in the morning and feel put-together, I’m relying on a loose capsule wardrobe of items that fit my body right now, that are nursing-friendly and that I feel good in. While I absolutely will be adding and taking things out as my body continues to change shape over the next couple months, here are some of the items I’m relying on right now:  Read More