Favorite Things

Favorite Things | August 2017


At Home Mini-Facials
For a quick pampering sesh, lately I’ve been doing mini facials at home to help revive my overheated summer skin. Everything I use is from Glossier, and it goes a little something like this: Start with the Moisturizing Mask—leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse (to make it super easy I often time it so I take a shower right afterward!). Next, I spray on some Soothing Face Mist, which I honestly use so often during the day to just freshen up my skin. Once the mist absorbs a bit, I’ll massage in some Super Bounce serum and follow it with Priming Moisturizer Rich. My face has never felt so soft—it seriously rivals Jack’s baby skin!  Read More


The Blakely Necklace in Beach + Swing Top


Good news: The Blakely Necklace in Beach is now available in the shop! I can already tell you, when I’m not in pajamas, the outfit I’m in right here will 100% be my what I wear for the last month of my pregnancy if the weather ever cools down. It’s so simple and comfortable and put-together. I know this top will also be a go-to during those squishy belly postpartum days—it’s both loose and flattering which is super ideal after you push a baby out of your body.  Read More